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So, it would assume that the AAO road rats either do NOTHING, or they do too much to not blog anything for more than a month. I wish i could say that we have all been on an expedition, but alas, we have been at trade shows for about a month. As have many of you! So these images, while not about any great adventure, are to show that we have been working and meeting with our clients, sales managers and friends for the last month to sell the Fall 07 lines. These shots are from Vegas at the SIA trade show.
I will take this opportunity to thank you all for coming to see us in Madison, Vegas and Salt Lake if we did chance to meet there. The shows were a great success and very fun, as always, to see all of our old friends and catch up on your businesses and exciting events. We actually found out at many of the trade shows that many of our friends are getting married and expecting babies! Congrats if that applies to you!
The past two weeks have been crazy because we moved our headquarters from Des Moines to Adel. The move was crazy and fast, happening the weekend just after the Madison trade show. And we were still reeling from Brian's birthday in Madison! So much happened in 2007 already. Aren't these beautiful ski jackets? i bet you want about 30 now that you have seen them...:)
New pictures of the house/office will be posted once we are a bit more established/painted the rooms and decorated. We are very excited about the new place and look forward to a big party soon, who is in? Until then, we are starting our clinicing rounds and should be in your area soon. We all look forward to seeing you again.
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