NY Times reviews Sole Platinum Sandals!!

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SOLE Platinum Sandals reviewed in the NY Times
On Thursday, our Platinum Sandals were reviewed in the NY Times! Here's an excerpt from the review:

"This sandal bears the American Podiatric Medical Association seal of acceptance, meaning that the shoe was put through a series of tests to verify its manufacturers' claims, and it passed. "The footbed molds to the foot, and the sandal is much more supportive than a typical flip-flop," Dr. Christina said. "In fact, it was the most supportive sandal in the test." He noted that while he doesn't like thong-style sandals, he didn't find the toe strap of this one "overly irritating." The placement of the strap toward the rear of the footbed also means the sandals don't slap when you walk."

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More Curly's Clips!!!

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New Curly’s Clips are up! Check out these instructional videos on Marmot products, as told by our very own Curly Cervone, a very entertaining fellow! Three from our “down series” are now live: Marmot Down, Down vs Synthetic Insulation, and EN Testing are all up and running. You can see all three of them in context here:

This is just one product where all three appear. These are all over the site where appropriate – we’re making good use of them. To see a list of products they appear with and view them individually, check out these links:

Marmot Down:
Down vs Synthetic:
EN Testing:

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