New Superfeet Winter Product released!!

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Say hello to our new REDhot and hotPINK!

Dear Valued Superfeet Dealers/Customers:

With Superfeet’s new REDhot and hotPINK Premium Insoles as the latest addition to our Trim-to-Fit line, we can now fill your customers’ ski and snowboard boots with cutting-edge Superfeet fit, comfort and performance. The REDhot and hotPINK are engineered to protect the feet from cold weather using our proprietary design technology. Their patented shape was created to address the unique differences between men’s and women’s feet and footwear.

REDhot and hotPINK provide the support, shock absorption, power transmission and edge control your customers need for a full day on the slopes. Our full length Rebound foam allows for maximum forefoot flex, while our patented stabilizer cap gives the rearfoot the stability and alignment it needs to perform at its peak potential. In addition to the Adaptive Comfort® top cover by Outlast®, our new Air Weave technology layer in the forefoot efficiently regulates temperature, offering excellent heat management for all-day comfort. The new models also feature Agion® antimicrobial treatment to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

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END Sales meeting!

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We just wrapped up our Sp09 sales meeting for END and you guys should start getting excited now!! This company is coming to the spring market with fast colors and design, debuting a full line of road running shoes while continuing the amazing fast and light story!
One of the most important parts of truly being a sustainable company is choosing processes that require less material, molds and production. By eliminating some of the excess building, you end up with a very sustainable product and that is what END is striving for!
Take a look at these great images of some up and coming product and we will see you all in a few weeks to show off the new shoes!

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PPCD's on their way!!

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As of Saturday, the PPCD's are coming to your doors! As you recall, these CD's have the full digital workbook with commentary and real photographs to help in writing a preseason to lock on your rates! There is a terms sheet and order form as well.
**Please note: some of the prices have changed slightly and should be reflected in the pricelist. As changes come in, we will send out new sheets!!**

Don't forget, early write deadline is JULY 9TH!!!! Get those orders in today!!

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Marmot Preseason Corporate Road Report

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Hey everyone! We are getting everything in order for the upcoming preshow season, but received a great report from corporate about early line showings that we wanted to share with you!!

We been through 7 line presentations so far and the line is showing exceptionally well. As we discussed the brand definitely has momentum coming into the spring 09 selling season. The line has been very easy to show customer with clear categories, color stories, performance and technology stories.

Here are just some quick highlights
Sportswear - We have heard quotes like:·
"This is the freshest line we have seen. Many other companies have dark and muted colors." "The line is a nice step forward from spring 08" ·
"The line is very merchandisable"

Packs – Home run. We have heard comments like it:·
"Clear concise line and they understand the logic behind the offering." ·
"They are please there is little to no redundancy in the line."

Outerwear – 2.5 (This is be the continuation of the momentum)
"Wow… this is line will really set us apart from our competitors"
"Ageis and Strato are home runs across the board"
"Mica and Crystaline are appealing to a diverse set of customers do the technology weight and visual appearance"
"Nano – you all are leading the industry in light weight performance shells"

Equipment – Unanimously the customers are blown away with the sell through. One customer sold 60 limelight 2 tents in one week (20 doors).
"Will you all have more inventory next year…. We are killing it with bags and tents."
"So many choices now… should I buy the abode, aura, areos, and or the crib."

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OBoZ "One More Tree" Event

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This weekend took Vanessa and Bryan to Duluth for the first OBoZ event in the Midwest. This weekend was the 2nd Anniversary sale for W-Trek. Congrats Nodin and all you guys at W-Trek. The OBoZ sale put a bunch of new shoe owners hand in hand with their very own Arbor day tree. As many of you may know,through OBoz's commitment to the environment, for every pair of shoes purchased, OBoZ buys 1 tree through the Arbor Day foundation.
The anniversary sale also had an outside tent city in a near by park that featured the Limelight and Townhouse tents by Marmot(for any of you who haven't seen the Townhouse setup you should, it's Huge).

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Just like always we are on the road again this week. Vanessa and Bryan had just enough time to switch out some clothes at home, pick up Sunday and head out to Estes to get Brian, and then off to the OBoZ sales meeting for the rest of the week. The meeting happens to be in the booming town of Alpine Wyoming. So technology and communication maybe be a little tough but we will do our best. So hopefully this week is well for all and we will see you all on the road again sometime in the future.


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OboZ/Marmot images cont'd

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the team mascot, Tikka, hanging out promoting the brands!
our overall W-trek presence!
best way to get the word out is T-shirts! OBoZ tee's on the guys
Thanks for the great event, Nodin. We had a blast!
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Announcement: AAO to rep Osprey

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We have an exciting bit of news: we are the new Midwest reps for Osprey!! We are very excited about this great new opportunity and look forward to working with all of you to bring in this great line!

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Osprey goes Green!!

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Osprey Hits Renewable Energy Target Two Years Early
SportsOneSource Media
Posted: 5/29/2008

Osprey Packs, Inc said it had achieved 100-percent renewable energy efficiency at its Colorado headquarters a full two years ahead of schedule.“We just bumped our headquarters energy use up to 100-percent green energy blocks with Empire Electric,” said Gareth Martins, director of Marketing for Osprey. “Empire Electric sources the power we use from existing renewable sources like wind and small hydro.

"Osprey expanded their office headquarters in Cortez, Colo. in 2007 with environmental performance playing a major role. Some of the notable features of their energy-efficient headquarters include innovations from waterless urinals in men’s rooms to recycled carpets; they even have ceiling tiles and insulation constructed of recycled blue jeans.

Also used in the expansion were energy-saving, rotating skylights, reducing electricity usage in half. Last year, the company fulfilled 70 percent of its energy needs with alternative energies such as wind, biomass conversion and small hydro.

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