Hillsound Super Armadillo Nano Gaiter review- from Upadowna website

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Upper Shell: Schoeller C_Change with NanoSphere
Lower Shell: SuperFabric
Size: S, M, L, XL
Uses: Mountaineering, Alpine, Mixed Climbing
MSRP: $98
No matter how you look at it snow filled boots is bad news and it is one of the things that can quickly turn a nice hike into a disaster. The majority of folks that get out during the winter months are at least somewhat aware of what gaiters do and why they are a nice bit of protection, but what folks don't often think about is finding a set of gaiters that can cover them regardless of activity. Sure for hiking and snowshoeing standard gaiters can be great, however as soon as you strap crampons on your feet most gaiters are pretty susceptible to tears when the spikes bump the fabric.

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Hillsound Armadillo gaiter review- from Our Everyday Adventures Blog

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Review by:  Jake
Last summer, while attending the Outdoor Retailer sporting goods trade show, I walked by a booth with one of the sexiest gaiters I’ve ever seen on display.  I thought to myself, that thing looks part formula one race car and part ninja, melded together into a gaiter.  I never thought a pair of gaiters could be sexy, but dang, I was in love at first sight!
While I was drooling, one of the reps came out and talked to me for a while about the gaiter.  I learned that I was looking at a prototype and that the full production wouldn’t be available for a few more months, and that it was from the company Hillsound, and it was called the “Armadillo Gaiter”, a rather unsexy name for such a sexy gaiter.  If they would have asked me it would have been called the “Scorpion Gaiter” or at least something a little more lethal than an armadillo.  I came to find out later that the actual name was the Super Armadillo Nano Gaiter, a little more sexy I suppose, but it’s still named after an animal that likes to play dead.

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