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I can’t remember who it was initially “that said it”, but likely someone much older and wiser than myself, that there are only 3 things that you can count on in life: death, taxes and change. From time to time things will change for any number of reasons and in most instances one cannot truly appreciate the peripheral effects of change until a significant passage of time. Today AAO is embarking on change.

Starting AAO in 2003 I was never truly sure what the “end goal” was in the development of the company. I knew that I wanted to work with great lines, great people and do a great job! I wanted to be innovative in the industry and most importantly stay true to my mantra “Integrity for Longevity!” Something that I’m proud to say is most definitely part of everything that I do on behalf of AAO!

AAO, and I like to think all of us involved, have been very lucky to be part of some great companies that have registered some significant growth in the past few years. In no uncertain terms it has been a very fun albeit challenging ride to get to where we are today. In keeping with our ethics of wanting to do the very best job possible for both our Retailers and Vendors we are committed to having the “right” number of lines so as to maintain the high level of support and detail that we hope you have come to experience when dealing with AAO across the board. In holding to this commitment we found ourselves a bit “whelmed” when coupling the continued success of all of our lines at once-and the concurrent lag in commissions created a manpower challenge. Rather than do an “OK” job and be diluted in the capacity to really support all of our lines and customers we made the decision to pursue a limited line selection with Implus. A great brand with some great people that is continuing to grow at an exponential rate. Unfortunately their perspective was all or nothing and with imminent new brand acquisitions on the horizon for Implus we found ourselves at an untenable impasse. Hence, as of today we are no longer your reps of record for Implus. Which means two things:

1. We are excited to have a narrower focus within the lines that we represent so as to help you create better programs and better support options across the board.

2. When we meet with you at the shows-OR in particular-it will be less of a sprint to get all the lines covered in two hours or less!!
We wish Implus the very best of luck and continue to be proponents of the brand. We’re more than happy to answer any questions that you might have regarding the product-and for those of you out there that already sell it-you KNOW I love the Granger’s product.

When Vendors contact you about potential line opening, please keep us in mind as we are always open to the conversation about partnering with other great line(s)-(but let’s keep it to 3 and under :))!

If you have needs/questions regarding Highgear please contact:
Tommy Nason
Implus Footcare
(800) 446-7587
2001 T.W. Alexander Drive
Durham, NC 27703

If you have needs/questions regarding Yaktrax, Little Hotties and Granger’s please contact:
Jay Couder
Sales manager- Yak, Granger's, Hotties
Implus Footcare
(866) 925-8729
3403 Pacific Hwy S, Suite 116
Federal Way, WA 98003

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