Marmot Product report from Fabrizio Zangrilli- Marmot/AAO athlete!

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This photo is from a great day of mixed climbing on Mount Lady Washington, RMNP CO, two days ago. The climbing was great fun, very moderate multi pitch mixed climbing (M4-5 ish) in the sun with great pro and great views to the east face (Diamond) of Longs!
I must tell you that after so many years of not wearing Gore-tex I am really loving the Alpinist Jacket and Pant! Really loving them, they are so stretchy and dynamic, and quiet - this is a huge change from the Gore I remember. It is nice to know that I can be dry all day alpine climbing and comfortable at the same time!!! If, like me, you have only been wearing soft shell for the past half decade, it is worth having another look at hard-shells with stretch.

As you can see I am also wearing the SCARPA Phantom 6000s - amazing boots, as you know, they climb so well, as well as any single boot I have ever worn - and you know that I have worn many pairs over the past 25 years! I anticipated going to a NE facing route that day, otherwise I would have been in my Phantom Guides, but we saw the chance to climb some mixed routes that form infrequently, and being south facing and warm we jumped at the chance - it is cold in Rocky Mountain National Park at this time of year in the shade. I had the AAO Athlete Ambassador Baffin Jacket with me in my pack at the base, but it was not needed up there.
Thanks so much for all the support over the years!!!!

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Marmot commercials- tune in!!

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Take a look at this week's programming times below for CNN, Discover Channel and ESPN.This is just the beginning of a strong Marmot Fall 2011 TV program!

Take special note of this Monday Night - November 14 - ESPN - NFL Monday Night Football Countdown Show……………..we've got a special billboard feature on this show.

Also note that the following weekend of November 19 we'll see Marmot commercials on college football !

Note: All TV shedules are subject to change:



8:46p (Anderson Cooper)


1:59p (Newsroom)
4:08p (Situation Room)


9:07a (Newsroom)
10:20p (Anderson Cooper)
1:08a (Anderson Cooper repeat)


7:27a (American Morning)


8:36a (Saturday AM)






(1) Feature (NFL Monday Night Football Countdown Show) - ESPN
(1) Spot at 11:45p – ESPN2


(1) Spot at 12:10p - ESPN
(1) Spot at 2:11p – ESPN


(1) Spot at 1:04a, 2:03a, 5:04a


(1) Spot during College Gameday at 10:16a – ESPN
(1) ESPN College Football feature time TBD – ESPN2
(1) Spot during ESPN College Football Primetime at 7:54p and 5:18a – ESPN 2

(1) Spot during Sportscenter at 6:23a – ESPN 2

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Elevation Outdoors Marmot review!

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Outdoor Magazine S12 Marmot picks

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Article: Barefoot running a 'fad'?

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German running biomechanics researcher calls barefoot running a 'fad’
Posted: 08/29/2011

A national class gymnast turned biomechanics professor, Gert-Peter Brüggemann, Ph.D., began taking a harder look at running with his athletic and scientifically-inclined eyes more than 25 years ago. Competitive life as a high bar and tumbling gymnast was over after the 1972 Munich Olympics and, to stay in shape and blow off steam, he became a recreational runner. But can an analytical type just do something without pondering every step? Brüggemann is now the director and a professor of biomechanics at the Institute of Biomechanics and Orthopaedics at the German Sport University, Cologne. And he was the consulting researcher behind the Brooks Running PureProject running shoes, which debuted at the 2011 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.

To Brüggemann, natural motion is the key to staying injury free, and that research has put his stamp on other companies’ footwear over the years, too. Ask him about the barefoot running trend, though, and you’re sure to get an earful. SNEWS asked him about just that and more to gain insights about where he thinks running footwear is headed. In the end, however, what does Brüggemann really enjoy about his work? Making a difference, he said. So forget all the technical chatter, he wants to make your running safer and more comfortable.

SNEWS: How does a biomechanist and former top-flight gymnast become THE running shoe researcher globally?
Brüggemann: Working with gymnasts and gymnastics skills — the most difficult movements in sports or in general — built a perfect basis to understand human motion and locomotion and to do research on the most natural movement: running. My experience with recreational running began three decades ago and since then I have personally enjoyed the development of technical footwear and running shoes. My interest in running is based on my own practical experience, but is mainly driven by increasing the understanding of this cyclic movement in general and the relationship of musculoskeletal loading and biological tissue response in more detail.

How do you feel about the trend of barefoot running?
Barefoot running on artificial surfaces is nothing more than a strange fad. In a population that lives in footwear and on artificial surfaces, running barefoot is not at all the habitual or “natural” way of locomotion. The biological system in modern society is habituated and adapted to using shoes that offer an interface with some cushioning to the artificial ground, and offer load distribution and support. Especially in running, the barefoot trend will increase the frequency of overloading and serious overuse injuries.

What then is the future of barefoot or minimalist running?
Barefoot running on an artificial surface has no future. It is a short-term trend and will disappear soon. What will survive is the additional training for the foot through barefoot workouts on natural surfaces or in specially designed footwear. Running increases the potential and the strength of the cardiovascular system, and barefoot training trains the structure and functional capacity of the musculoskeletal system. Barefoot training – not barefoot running – will be an add-on for the runner to make him or her stronger.

How has your research and recommendations changed over the years?
In 1995, I was part of a team that published the first critical paper on impact forces and its possible relation to injuries. This was – from my point of view – the start for a great change in footwear technology. The cushioning concept was replaced by motion concepts. We focused on motion control and especially on the control of rearfoot eversion or pronation. Some years later, we began to switch the focus to the new paradigm of natural joint motion that was first discussed in 2006. Each phase of research from cushioning to motion control to natural motion has increased our understanding of running motion and had an impact on recommendations for running shoe technologies.

What do you see as the benefits of the Brooks PureProject footwear, on which you most recently consulted?
PureProject and PureProject technology is closely related to and based on our concept of the natural joint motion or, in other words, the preferred motion path of the joints with least resistance. Increased joint frictional resistance and additional muscle work increases the energy demand and makes running less comfortable and enjoyable. The PureProject concept does not interfere with an individual’s motion. Therefore, the runner can feel his or her interaction with the physical environment and the ground, and can enjoy a comfortable stride.

Before Brooks, you worked with Ecco and Nike. Can you explain the differences and how they have affected the path of running shoe development?
The designers of Ecco listened to the natural motion discussion carefully and from this, derived the main ideas of their Biom concept – that is, low to ground, more or less artificial heel cushioning, and energy dissipation. Nike Free was a completely different story. From the experience of athletic training and the experience of barefoot movement on natural grass, they derived the concept of mimicking the foot’s motion barefoot on grass while using footwear on an artificial surface. The purpose of Free was to train the foot structures and especially the intrinsic foot muscles. Free was originally not designed as a running tool, but a training device mimicking a biomechanical situation for the development of the foot.

What makes your work exciting and interesting for you every day?
We started years ago extremely mechanically, then added the muscles to the understanding, and finally learned of the tissue behavior and its response to loading. Research on humans is now the major challenge of our work. Every day is exciting because every day gives deeper insights. The most challenging work is when you can contribute to changes and innovations, for example through sporting goods or – like in our case – running shoes.
-- Therese Iknoian

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Brian on Everest: Phlog from 4.30!

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Brian on Everest: Phlog from 4.29

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Brian on Everest: Phlog from 4.28

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Marmot's Plasma 30 in the Wall Street Journal!

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Marmot’s Plasma 30 sleeping bag was selected by The Wall Street and featured in the Saturday “Off Duty” section, click the link below to read more!

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Brian on Everest: New Phlog! April 23rd

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Brian's Phone update from Everest #3- April 18th

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Brian's Phone update from Everest #2

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Brian's phone update from Everest #1

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Everest Update: Brian's Trail report 4.18.11

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Today’s hike was pretty good, and took waaaay longer than I would have liked as it was quite hot today. I was walking into Namche-almost 20 mintues ahead of the group and 45 minutes faster than the Sherpas thought that we would –and I only left them for about that same time but it is a long sustained uphill to Namche and many people stop to see the first view of Everest-but today it was obscured by clouds so I saw part of Lhotse and Nuptse-the neighboring peaks. Walking solo is definitely the way I like to move and although I do enjoy the conversation thus far with the various people we are trekking with I tend to do much better when I can kind of get in my head and just go, the way that I like to hike.

Much of the hiking is stop and go with breaking for tea, moving through wide open trail and then narrow sections where Sherpa labor under large loads. I had to wait for 10 minutes today for a Yak train to come down the trail and strangely enough I waited behind a Sherpa carrying 4 sheets of plywood. I joked to Arjun that all of the Sherpa people would be a foot or more taller if they did not use the straps over the front of their heads to secure the weight. It is impressive though.

I had wondered to some degree if my barrels might be a little much in the weight category, but passed them today on the way to basecamp and one of my barrels was on top of a wicker basket that probably had probably another 65 lbs in it. Sure enough I passed them and was glad to see they were not only not too heavy but instead they were accompanying as much as another 50Kg with my barrels for one Sherpa. I am told that the strongest of porters can/will carry 100Kg-(that’s 220lbs). True enough today as we approached the bridge that Edmund Hillary had donated to build we met up with a bit of congestion due to the fact that a Sherpa was carrying a person about my size across the bridge while he sat in a chair strapped to the Sherpa’s back. Could I do that, maybe. Could I do that all day and not break an ankle-probably not!

There are quite a few trekkers and between them, Yaks, horses, Sherpa and guides of the trekkers the trail can get somewhat congested. Still it is MUCH better and easier trail than anything that I have experienced in Pakistan on prior expeditions for sure! Fabrizio joked that it was likely that I would punch him when I saw him for having not exposed me to this first, but then again I might likely never have gone back to Pakistan having seen the dichotomy between the two.

It is funny when people ask about what I’m doing and even those that have climbed Everest are VERY surprised when I tell them I am not taking a Sherpa on the mountain and not taking Oxygen-but then again many of the people, including Arjun the Indian young rockstar that is the youngest Indian to climb Everest last year at the age of 16-have not climbed many other things outside of this area or style-which is totally fine but interesting to see the mentality that I am so unaccustomed to. The thought of carrying your own stuff and making your own camp seem “foreign” to them. I guess that is not the Everest way, and likely why I have shied away from it for so long.

I’m feeling really good though and “scared” some trekkers when I jogged past them up the hill in sandals in Namche to a hotel to meet Fabrizio for some Tandoori Chicken that he had recommended.

We are off to Pangboche in the morning after a hot shower-I know SPOILED!!

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Road Report: Kevin McNally in St. Louis!

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This past weekend was a busy one down in St. Louis with both the Alpine Shop Swap and the Go St. Louis Running Expo falling on the same dates. Chairs were set up and people we’re camped out hours before the 7pm start time for the Alpine Shop’s legendary swap and expo. When the doors were opened to the large outdoor tent, customers came rushing in searching for the best deal in town. Hundreds of bikes set to ride, dozens of kayaks ready to paddle, and copious amounts of packs, tents, and other gear. This event only happens twice a year and it always provides a great turnout and fun is had by all participants.

Over at the Running Expo in downtown St. Louis, there were thousands of runners picking up their packets for the 5k, half marathon, and full marathon races that were taking place this weekend. I had the chance to spend some time in the Fleet Feet booth to help with Sole sales. They had Casual and Sport flips displayed on the main aisle and they were selling like hotcakes. Many runners are now looking for a comfortable supportive sandal to wear after early morning runs. The Sole Casual flips with a natural recycled cork foot bed or the Sport flips fit this category perfectly. Most of the people that tried them on in the booth, left with them on their feet! We were very happy to see such a positive response to the Sole products. The weather was warm and everyone was in good spirits at these two events over the weekend. Congratulations to all the runners participating in the Go! St. Louis events and a big thank you to the Alpine Shop for supporting our brands as well as organizing a great event for the outdoor community in the St. Louis area.

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Regis and Kelly run across America with Dean Karnazes

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Live! with Regis and Kelly is sponsoring a Run across America with Dean Karnazes and Sole is there every step of the way...literally! Check out the blog information below for more information!

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A few words from Brian, president of AAO

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I can’t remember who it was initially “that said it”, but likely someone much older and wiser than myself, that there are only 3 things that you can count on in life: death, taxes and change. From time to time things will change for any number of reasons and in most instances one cannot truly appreciate the peripheral effects of change until a significant passage of time. Today AAO is embarking on change.

Starting AAO in 2003 I was never truly sure what the “end goal” was in the development of the company. I knew that I wanted to work with great lines, great people and do a great job! I wanted to be innovative in the industry and most importantly stay true to my mantra “Integrity for Longevity!” Something that I’m proud to say is most definitely part of everything that I do on behalf of AAO!

AAO, and I like to think all of us involved, have been very lucky to be part of some great companies that have registered some significant growth in the past few years. In no uncertain terms it has been a very fun albeit challenging ride to get to where we are today. In keeping with our ethics of wanting to do the very best job possible for both our Retailers and Vendors we are committed to having the “right” number of lines so as to maintain the high level of support and detail that we hope you have come to experience when dealing with AAO across the board. In holding to this commitment we found ourselves a bit “whelmed” when coupling the continued success of all of our lines at once-and the concurrent lag in commissions created a manpower challenge. Rather than do an “OK” job and be diluted in the capacity to really support all of our lines and customers we made the decision to pursue a limited line selection with Implus. A great brand with some great people that is continuing to grow at an exponential rate. Unfortunately their perspective was all or nothing and with imminent new brand acquisitions on the horizon for Implus we found ourselves at an untenable impasse. Hence, as of today we are no longer your reps of record for Implus. Which means two things:

1. We are excited to have a narrower focus within the lines that we represent so as to help you create better programs and better support options across the board.

2. When we meet with you at the shows-OR in particular-it will be less of a sprint to get all the lines covered in two hours or less!!
We wish Implus the very best of luck and continue to be proponents of the brand. We’re more than happy to answer any questions that you might have regarding the product-and for those of you out there that already sell it-you KNOW I love the Granger’s product.

When Vendors contact you about potential line opening, please keep us in mind as we are always open to the conversation about partnering with other great line(s)-(but let’s keep it to 3 and under :))!

If you have needs/questions regarding Highgear please contact:
Tommy Nason
Implus Footcare
(800) 446-7587
2001 T.W. Alexander Drive
Durham, NC 27703

If you have needs/questions regarding Yaktrax, Little Hotties and Granger’s please contact:
Jay Couder
Sales manager- Yak, Granger's, Hotties
Implus Footcare
(866) 925-8729
3403 Pacific Hwy S, Suite 116
Federal Way, WA 98003

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AAO Ambassadors Dudes on Media in the press!

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Hi Friends,

Our hard work down The River Ganges is starting to take shape in a final product. Check out today's feature story on DC City Stream. It was shared with a community of over 35,000 by Secret DC on Facebook!

Would you leave the confines of a 9-to-5 job to travel the length of the Ganges river?! Meet one Washingtonian who did....

All the best,


J..J. Kelley
Dudes on Media

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Marmot Silverton Review on

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Check out the following link to a review at OR with Marmot's Jordan Campbell, reviewing the Gore Pro Shell Silverton Jacket.

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Osprey Breast Cancer Fund Verve Promo

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Many of us have known a loved one or friend who has battled this terrible disease. Osprey has teamed up with this world-renowned organization to help fight the causes of this terrible disease as well as the battle to find a cure. Osprey has made a special addition Verve 10 for order before January 31st and delivered in February. This special limited edition (1500 will be produced) Verve 10 women’s hydration pack has been produced in Amethyst with a front pocket screen of the iconic Breast Cancer Fund prayer flags that carry messages of love and healing and help to support breast cancer prevention.

4 dollars from each pack with a minimum of $5,000 dollars will be donated to the Breast Cancer Fund. Contact Jon for more details and how to order.

Here are a few facts about Breast Cancer;
• About 1 in 8 women in the United States (between 12 and 13%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime
• In 2010, an estimated 207,090 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in women in the U.S., along with 54,010 new cases of non-invasive (in situ) breast cancer
• About 39,840 women in the U.S. are expected to die in 2010 from breast cancer
• More than 1 in 4 cancers in women (about 28%) are breast cancer
• About 70-80% of breast cancers occur in women who have no family history of breast cancer

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Sandstone Ice Festival Pics- Matt Kuehl

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AAO's Jon Jugenheimer spent a weekend in December up at the Sandstone Ice Fest, and his friend Matt Kuehl sent along some great shots from the festival. The red jacket and white helmet is Jon! Thanks, Matt!

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Osprey Media updates!

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Men's Journal named the Raptor 10 Gear of the Year! The award is featured in the Dec/Jan issue. Men's Journal had a big party in NYC to announce the winners and displayed the Raptor 10. (see attached photos from the party)

Osprey is featured in the January issue of ESQUIRE!

Men's Health included the Quantum in their 100 Best New Products for Men 2010 in the December issue.

Men's Health also featured the Quantum in their Tech Lust video section of their site. You need to do a little navigating to find the video. Click on "View Full Post" which will take you to the site. On the upper right hand site you'll see "The Best Tech 2011" - that's the video section. Scroll through the options and you'll see the Osprey pack opened up, that's the video to watch!

Outside online featured Osprey recently-

Check out the Winter issue of Mountain Sports + Living. It features the Kode 30!

Be sure to check out the blog for many, many more press hits!

Thanks! See you at OR!

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Marmot Deadline this week!

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Marmot deadline for Fall 2011 is this week -
January 14th!!
Email Vanessa for order forms or more information today!

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Ambassador Gear for sale!

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One of our ambassadors is selling a few items. Email for more information!

Kayland sport mixed comp boot with zippered neoprene gaitor, Size 11
BD crampon with adjustable and removable heel harpoon. Lightly used.


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AAO Fall 2010 Sales Promotion Program Closed!

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The time has come to submit your points for the Fall 2010 selling season for the AAO Sales Promotion Program! We want to get your product ordered now and start the planning for the spring trip to give you winners the most time possible to plan to be with us! Not familiar with the program? Read more below!

What is the SPP? Our Sales Promotion Program is a sales incentive program for selling and promoting AAO brands.

How does it work? All you need to do is sell AAO represented brands and keep track of the points associated with each item/brand based on a point card we hand out during clinics or via email. You send those points to and we keep track of the points. You can send it as a store or individually, periodically or at the end of the contest each season.

What can i win? Then you are eligible for a trip and prizes from each of the represented companies! We give you a full gear set up and a trip for a week to a fun and exciting outdoor venue. Past trips lcoations have included the Black Hills and Colorado. Past activities include snowshowing, skiing, ice climbing, hiking, mountaineering, and more!

Want more information? Feel free to email one of us today for more information or an additional points card! You are helping secure the brand demand and success of each company and your store by participating, and you get amazing stuff just for doing your job!

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...stories of perilous, nay, endless traveling in the ever changing midwest territory...