Ouray Ice Fest 2007

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Ice climbing, yeah! Brian and Vanessa recently stopped by the Ouray Ice Fest to get a little time in the beautiful park they have created in Ouray, Colorado. I highly suggest going to see this place sometime, it is pretty amazing what they have set up here. We got a chance to try out some new tools (or in Vanessa's case, try ice climbing for the first time!) and spent a bit of time at the Marmot booth. We also got our warranty manager from Marmot, Brian Rashap, out on some ice!

Overall, it was a great experience. We got to see some AMAZING climbers compete in the climbing comps, spent some time climbing ourselves and talking to old and new friends. The park it truly amazing, the beauty even got us out on the 10 degree day! To check out the results from the competition or to learn more about the park, check out But in the meantime, click on the web album to see the pictures from our trip! Thanks, see you all soon at the trade shows!

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