Gillam's Spring Road Report

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The last three weeks have found me up north for most of the time. The week of April 8th was spent with Granger's and Marmot Clinics in our big box stores in and around the twin cities. I also had a chance to stop by the U of M's Center for Outdoor Adventure to see what things were going on in the college outdoor life and they were getting ready to open a new climbing wall. Then it was back home for a week to take care of my nearly one year old Newfie puppy, Sophie.
I started the week of the 21st up in Pewaukee, WI for a boulder comp at Adventure Rock Gym. Good Job, Craig and Andy, for making the night such a success with almost 100 people in attendance Monday night!

Then it was off to Chicago for a quick stop for a few clinics at Dick's and Cabela's, and my glorious return to the twin cities to meet up with Sunday. We made our rounds and stopped by Hoigaard's, Sport's Hut and Joe's Sporting Goods for clinic. The stores are looking great, now we just need the spring weather to go along with the great displays ( it is currently a rain/snow mix as i write this blog!)
But if spring isnt' your thing, just head up to Ely and Grand Marais as i did on Friday. I found countless lakes that were ice covered and the area was expecting up to a foot of snow that night! This last cold snap is really putting people in the mood for spring up there!

Duluth was next and congrats to the guys at Continental for their great PreCip sales already this spring. The gang at W-Trek is anxiously awaiting their first shipment of OBoZ with a few of their staff already impressed with their own pairs!

Saturday and Sunday will be very full days with the Midwest Mountaineering Spring Expo in Minneapolis. Good work to everyone involved with the expo, the store looks great! Well, off to the next leg...until next time!~Gillam
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