Osprey goes Green!!

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Osprey Hits Renewable Energy Target Two Years Early
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Posted: 5/29/2008

Osprey Packs, Inc said it had achieved 100-percent renewable energy efficiency at its Colorado headquarters a full two years ahead of schedule.“We just bumped our headquarters energy use up to 100-percent green energy blocks with Empire Electric,” said Gareth Martins, director of Marketing for Osprey. “Empire Electric sources the power we use from existing renewable sources like wind and small hydro.

"Osprey expanded their office headquarters in Cortez, Colo. in 2007 with environmental performance playing a major role. Some of the notable features of their energy-efficient headquarters include innovations from waterless urinals in men’s rooms to recycled carpets; they even have ceiling tiles and insulation constructed of recycled blue jeans.

Also used in the expansion were energy-saving, rotating skylights, reducing electricity usage in half. Last year, the company fulfilled 70 percent of its energy needs with alternative energies such as wind, biomass conversion and small hydro.

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