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SOLE Sport Flips Receive I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review Award
Posted: 06/26/2009 In Category: Outdoor New Products
Posted By: Ian Anderson
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SOLE, the maker of performance footbeds, socks and sandals, received an honorable mention in I.D. Magazine's 2009 Annual Design Review in the 'Consumer Products' category. I.D. Magazine selected the SOLE Sport Flips for this award based on the product's comfort, fit and orthopedic support.

Since 1954, the I.D. Magazine's Annual Design Review has recognized the best in design, from the iconic to the obscure. Throughout the years, this annual showcase has chronicled the evolution of design and highlighted its impact on today's material and visual culture. Contest winners are chosen by a panel of distinguished design professionals and the I.D. Magazine editorial team, and demonstrate a clear survey of the state of design.

According to the design review, the SOLE Sport Flips are, “perfectly comfortable, you can run in them, they don’t smell. They’re just totally rad--the best flip-flops ever.”

"We are incredibly pleased to be recognized by a prestigious design publication such as I.D. Magazine," said Mike Baker, president of SOLE. "This award is a true honor as it acknowledges the innovation and design that is possible in a seemingly simple product like flip-flops."

About SOLE:
Founded by a group of elite runners, coaches and inventors in Boulder, Colorado in 2007, Newton Running shoes use patented technology inspired by Sir Isaac Newton’s elemental laws of motion. Newton Running shoes feature patented Action/Reaction Technology™ that absorbs more impact than traditional running shoe foam and converts this energy into forward propulsion to help runners go farther and faster with less fatigue. Newton’s propulsion technology, combined with a running technique that focuses on a midfoot-forefoot strike rather than heel striking, helps runners achieve maximum efficient performance. Newton Running shoes are available at specialty retailers and at

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