AAO Sales Promotion trip!!- installment one

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Check out some info on our recent Sales Promotion Trip! More details will be coming to you shortly regarding how to participate in this current promotion. You can email Vanessa at to get more information now if you are anxious!

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SCARPA Unveils 'Planet Friendly' Sourcing Initiative

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SCARPA said five new models of trail runners and light hikers from its Spring 2010 collection embody the footwear brand’s new 'SCARPA Planet Friendly' initiative, a commitment to sourcing and employing recycled content materials and finding other ways – such as midsoles that biodegrade in landfills – to lessen its carbon footprint.

The new 'Planet Friendly' initiative for Spring 2010 not only marks SCARPA’s most comprehensive effort at building footwear using recycled and biodegradable technology, it also marks the beginning of an effort to let consumers know what it is doing to try to use less, and what it is doing to make materials purchases count in terms of supporting lower-impact technology. Five new shoes, the Pursuit and Pursuit GTX (trail runners), the Epic (hiking/approach shoe built on a trail runner chassis) and the Moraine and Moraine GTX (light hikers), incorporate the following ‘Planet Friendly’ materials choices.

• Midsoles use EcoPure, an additive that helps the EVA break down in roughly 20 years under landfill conditions versus more than 1,000 years for normal EVA
• 100 percent recycled webbing and lace
• 100 percent recycled lining; 70 percent recycled strobel
• 40 percent recycled synthetic leather
• 29 percent recycled polyester mesh
• 25 percent recycled rubber outside

Moving forward, the SCARPA Eco ski boot program, telemark and alpine-touring boots made from Pebax Rnew, a version of the Pebax plastic that is made 90 percent from oil derived from the castor plant instead of petroleum-based oil, will also fall under the SCARPA Planet Friendly designation. Pebax Rnew is the same material as Pebax, with the same high-end performance characteristics, except that it requires 29 percent less fossil fuel and puts out 32 percent fewer emissions in the process taking Rnew from raw to useable material.

"Sourcing new technologies that help us lessen our impact is an ongoing process, and the Planet Friendly initiative is about letting our customers know in very specific terms how we’re trying to incorporate these emerging technologies into our line, not about 'another green story' or about congratulating ourselves," said SCARPA North America CEO Kim Miller. "SCARPA Planet Friendly is a continuous effort to reduce our impact on the environment. If we do our job right, we’ll help drive demand for better and better technologies that help us continue to lessen our footprint."

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Scarpa news update!

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It’s been a bit since we’ve updated you on SCARPA media coverage. If you’ve got the Flickr site fed through your RSS reader, you’ll have noticed that with the addition of a staff position here at Base Camp Communications, we’ve been getting these up on the site more quickly as soon as they come in the door, rather than in batches as in the past.

So, if you’ve not got the site RSS fed, now’s a great time to do it.

That said, there’s lots of new coverage available for download, viewing and sharing at:

A couple highlights:

• Lots of good ski boot coverage the last month of two in the likes of Skiing, Backcountry, Powder and Freeskier, including Editor’s Choice Awards for the Skookum, Domina, TX Comp and TX from Backcountry Magazine. Of 12 ‘Editor’s Choice’ awards handed out, SCARPA won four, two each in AT and tele – more than any other brand.
• Trail Runner gave the Raptor a great review in its Fall 2009 shoe guide, and Vermont Sports called out the Raptor in a fall trail-running-themed piece.

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Uncle Dan's named Illinois retail merchant of the year

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Chicagoland outdoor retailer Uncle Dan's Great Outdoor Store has been named retailer of the year by the Illinois Retail Merchants Association.

The award was presented to Uncle Dan's CEO Brent Weiss, Wednesday, September 16, 2009 at a luncheon at the Palmer House Hotel.

"Brent understands the true nature of retailing," the association's president, David Vite, said. "His stores focus not only on serving the customers, but serving the community. He knows if he takes care of his customers on every level they will keep coming back.

Uncle Dan's was founded in 1972 and has four stores in Chicagoland. Locations are Highland Park, Evanston and in Chicago's Lincoln Park and Wrigleyville neighborhoods.

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Sole Sport Flips on Trail Running Soul

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You really need to try these sandals! Another rave review from an online trail running site:

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Sole Sport Flips reviewed by Outside!

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Still not carrying Sole Sport Flips? Need more proof of their ingenious design and amazing benefits? Check out the review from Outside online below!!

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Scarpa media hits!

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A few highlights:

• Backpacker gave the Axis a great review in the August issue (just out) in a story about light hikers that offer performance for less than $100.
• Running Times gave the Raptor a solid review, as did a review that ran in several of the National Sports Network/Gen A Media regional publications (Windy Sports, Competitor Colorado, formerly Rocky Mountain Sports, Competitor SoCal, and Competitor Northwest).
• The Force was reviewed in Rock and Ice (stellar review) and Men’s Journal.

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