Road Report: Kevin McNally in St. Louis!

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This past weekend was a busy one down in St. Louis with both the Alpine Shop Swap and the Go St. Louis Running Expo falling on the same dates. Chairs were set up and people we’re camped out hours before the 7pm start time for the Alpine Shop’s legendary swap and expo. When the doors were opened to the large outdoor tent, customers came rushing in searching for the best deal in town. Hundreds of bikes set to ride, dozens of kayaks ready to paddle, and copious amounts of packs, tents, and other gear. This event only happens twice a year and it always provides a great turnout and fun is had by all participants.

Over at the Running Expo in downtown St. Louis, there were thousands of runners picking up their packets for the 5k, half marathon, and full marathon races that were taking place this weekend. I had the chance to spend some time in the Fleet Feet booth to help with Sole sales. They had Casual and Sport flips displayed on the main aisle and they were selling like hotcakes. Many runners are now looking for a comfortable supportive sandal to wear after early morning runs. The Sole Casual flips with a natural recycled cork foot bed or the Sport flips fit this category perfectly. Most of the people that tried them on in the booth, left with them on their feet! We were very happy to see such a positive response to the Sole products. The weather was warm and everyone was in good spirits at these two events over the weekend. Congratulations to all the runners participating in the Go! St. Louis events and a big thank you to the Alpine Shop for supporting our brands as well as organizing a great event for the outdoor community in the St. Louis area.

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