Brian Block speaking at Climb Iowa in Grimes this Sunday, March 25!!

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1 Hour Sale

1 Hour Membership Sale
Climb Iowa
3605 SE Miehe Drive
Grimes, IA 50111


1 Hour Membership Sale
No Better Price, Ever
Don't forget to be at Climb Iowa on March 25 from 6:30 to 7:30pm for our 1 Hour Sale.  Climb Iowa will offer a one year membership for $323 or $583 for a family of 4. These prices will be available during this hour only.
  • Time: 6:30 - 7:30 "On the DOT!"
  • Date: March 25
  • Prices

Please fill out the membership form in advance.  We will accept credit cards, but if you pay with cash or check subtract $10 from the price above.  Spread the word far and wide, do not miss this sale!

Stay to hear Brian Block talk about Everest: A New Lesson in Suffering!
  • Time: 7:30-9:00pm

Charlie Wittmack
The World Triathlon
Charlie Wittmack will be talking about his  World Triathlon.  The World Tri is possibly the most difficult endurance challenge ever conceived: A 10,000-mile triathlon from England to Everest. Including swimming the English Channel, riding a bicycle from France to Nepal, and climbing Mount Everest.
  • Date: April 1st
  • Time: 6:30 pm
  • Location: Climb Iowa
  • Cost: Free

Climb Iowa, Iowa's Largest Climbing and Training Center!

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Liberty BottlesMicrobreweries from coast-to-coast are looking to Yakima, Wash.-based Liberty Bottleworks for a new way to sell their suds, whether as conveniently sized, durable mini growlers or special packaging for limited edition brews and events.
In the last six months, more than two dozen breweries across the country have partnered with Liberty to create customized bottles, including Dogfish Head, Austin Beerworks, Left Hand Brewing, Black Star Brewing and, most recently, one of the largest microbreweries in the country, Boulevard Brewing.
“We’re passionate about our product and the way we produce it and we’re passionate about good beer; it’s really our ideal match,” said Liberty Bottleworks Co-Founder and Executive Vice President Ryan Clark. “Working with these great breweries is incredible for us because it connects us to people who are invested in their art and invested in the value of American craftsmanship the same way we are.”
Made entirely of recycled aluminum and 100 percent BPA-free inside and out, Liberty bottles are made from start to finish in America on American-made machinery.
“Dogfish Head strives to support American based companies as well as companies with sustainable products and practices as often as possible,” said Delaware-based Dogfish Head Brewery’s Lindsey Falkowski.

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Runner’s World names SCARPA Spark ‘Best Debut’ in trail running footwear

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SCARPA North America BOULDER, Colo. - In its Spring trail-running footwear guide, Runner’s World Magazine named SCARPA’s Spark trail runner as ‘Best Debut’ in new trail shoes for 2012. The annual April issue that features the season’s best trail shoes came out this week. 

“The shoe offers impressive protection from sharp trail obstacles, thanks to a plate under the forefoot and wide overlays at the base of the upper,” Runner’s World wrote. “With all that, the shoe weighs just 9.7 ounces … Bottom Line: A lightweight trainer ideal for steep, shale-covered trails.” 

SCARPA, well-known for its dominance in hiking, backpacking, skiing, mountaineering and rock climbing footwear, first developed a more comprehensive line of trail runner’s starting four years ago. Each year it has grown the collection, and for 2012 it introduced four new models – including the men’s and women’s Spark – driven by its ‘Mountain Minimal’ philosophy. SCARPA Mountain Minimal strives to build very lightweight trail shoes, but footwear that still retains a sufficient level of midsole cushioning and sole traction for true mountain running in rugged terrain. 

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