Marmot Presents: Paig Claassen trip update!

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MARMOT PRESENTS - Louder Than 11 Live: Talkshow #7 featuring Paige Claassen. Live at 11AM MST on Friday April 25th, 2014!

Paige has just returned from Marmot's Lead Now Tour (, a global tour to inspire people through rock climbing while simultaneously raising money for non-profit partners around the world. Paige compiled an impressive tick list with 5.14 ascents in six countries, first ascents on two continents, and countless first female ascents from Chile to China. Over her 10 month world tour, Paige worked with local non-profit organizations to raise money specifically for women and children by teaming up with Louder Than Eleven to make video marketing material.

The Marmot Lead Now Tour has raised nearly $20,000 for charity and Paige is not done yet. She is planning a US tour of her voyage to continue to raise money for non-profit partners. Join Louder Than Eleven, Marmot, and Brian Runnels of for a conversation with Paige about the Marmot Lead Now Tour and whats next for this international rock superstar.

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