On the course again...

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i just can't wait to get on the course again...and wait we didn't. Humid 98 degree day be damned! We are Iowans, for heaven's sake, and there is a game to be played. Upon Brian's return from Pakistan, the Adel clan decided to take Brian out to the famous Winterset course. The day was hot, the competition was fierce...but the beers were flowing and the fun was too!
Ladies and gentlemen...start your engines. The team lines were drawn...Sunday and Howard against Sue, Brian and Vanessa...oh the tension, you could cut it with a knife!
Knock off the competition at the first hole? What? Just some innocent practice swings to get the ol' golf game back. Not much golf at 7000m.
And as usual, a strange face from me, no normal pictures are ever captured of me...but wait...are those Zeal sunglasses i am wearing? Why yes, yes they are! That fantastic ZB-13 lens must be what improved my game that day.
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