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The daylight was fading, but our spirits were high and happy. Here is Sue, the one hit wonder. Sue has mastered the fine art of walking up to the ball, determination and style abounding, and hit the living daylights out of the thing. This classy golf shark plays down her game the entire time, making sure everyone is cared for and comfortable...then, BAM! Knocks that ball straight down the green with such force that the little divot on the ball jump.
But the other team doesn't stand a chance staying mad at this sweetheart, just look at that smile!
Ladies and gentlemen, in a show of intimidation and force, Brian allowed all of you a free the gun show. Yes, free tickets to the gun show...ladies, ladies, calm down. Even with his diminished climbers body, he is a force to be reckoned with...i will pause for the screaming to stop.
The Block men, sharing stories about Pakistan, golf tips...mutiny perhaps? It is hard to say as we did not even finish a 9 hole game-the darkness caught us. Only a rematch will determine a winner here...and a rematch there will be!!
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