ZEM news: ZEMgear official footwear for East Coast Adventure Race Series!

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ZEMgear named Official Minimalist Footwear Brand for the East Coast Adventure Racing Series has teamed up with American Adventure Sports to sponsor 25 races in 2013.

MIAMI, FL— ZEMgear, manufacturer of minimalist footwear with maximum protection, has been named the official minimalist footwear sponsor of the 2013 East Coast Adventure Racing Series (ECARS) and TeamSOG. The ECARS is the premiere adventure racing (AR) Series in the United States and will be expanding internationally in 2013. 2013 will see the series expand up to 25 races in locations including Canada and possibly Belize. The series anticipates putting 2012’s $50,000 cash and gear prize purse to shame in 2013 with the cooperation of its loyal sponsors. As part of the partnership between these two active and ecologically conscious companies, ZEMgear will provide footwear for TeamSOG, the American Adventure Sports crew, as well as prizes for winning teams throughout the ECARS.
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Seattle Backpackers Magazine: Hillsound Trail Crampon Pro Review

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When I made plans to head out to Bolivia I knew I’d be hitting some of the amazing views and peaks. They’d take me up over 18000 feet and onto some glaciers with crevasses and all of the other fun stuff and I wanted to be prepared.

I talked to Alex from Hillsound about the trip and he was kind enough to send me a couple pieces of gear to try out in the Bolivian mountains. Amongst the gear were their Trail Crampon Pros. They’re a heavier duty trail crampon meant for snow and glacier work that isn’t too technical. They attach to most hiking shoes or boots, flex with your boots or shoes and are easy to put on when you hit the snow fields.

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Swim1000 is off and running!

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Check out this great update on an expedition that AAO has proudly partnered with! 

The Idea
Between 10th August and early October 2012 Dave will be swimming 1000 miles between Chamberlain, South Dakota and St Louis, Missouri, towing his gear with him on a carbon fibre raft.

Expected to be one of the hardest expeditions he'll ever undertake, Dave will be joined by a non-motorised support team throughout his journey, each member of his team paddling the full 1000 miles either by canoe or Stand Up Paddleboard.

Dave and his team will be raising upwards of £100,000 ($150,000) for breast cancer awareness through CoppaFeel! The charity was founded by Dave's good friend Kris Hallenga after she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 23 having been misdiagnosed twice in the previous year. The charity aims to educate young people about the symptoms of breast cancer and how they can prevent late diagnosis.

Designed to exhibit all sides of an endurance journey, the Swim1000 team will create an interactive social media campaign allowing the general public to watch and read about the trials, tests and fun bits. They hope that people will become inspired and take on their own challenge this Summer, helping the Swim1000 project to reach their charitable goals.

The Swim1000 Missouri River Expedition is now in full flow. 52 miles covered in no current, with another 100 miles of lakes to go before we pass the last Dam on the river at Yankton. After that flows will increase to hopefully push us downstream towards St Louis and that elusive 1000 miles!

Here's our first video from the river:

 If you could link to one or all of, @DaveCorn and @Swim1000 for Twitter, and for general updates that would be great!

Donations can be made on as we strive to raise £100,000 for breast cancer awareness through CoppaFeel! We've raised over £2500 now, and climbing!

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