When Bad Drivers Drive in Bad Conditions w/Violins

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So, it has come to my attention in the past couple of years that driving is not an inherent trait of human beings. Having logged over 75K miles of driving in a year of road repping I thought that I had seen it all. Well that was until this little ditty.
Coming back from a little Avalanche Refresher Course in CO we were suprised to find some skillfull crashmanship I guess that you could say.
When we climbed down to see if everyone was OK, we were happy to find the car vacated, and a bit frightened to find a baby seat in the back as well. Fortunately the only fatality here seemed to be a crushed violin Depending on the skill level of the owner, that may well have been a blessing in disguise for the significant other/roomate of the violin's owner.
I kept envisioning in my mind, what a great way to cover up a "violin accident". Just roll the car, put your life in peril, but then the question would still have to come from the Violin's owner. "Don't you think that it is weird that my violin case opened and somehow allowed the violin to escape and be crushed??" And of course the purpetrator having to explain away the strange footprints found on the bottom of the Violin. "Oh, it must have gotten under foot when I was trying to extricate myself from the vehicle-surely you wouldn't think that I would INTENTIONALLY stomp on your violin..."
Ahhhh Driving and the things that you'll see and the stories that you'll conjur up on your own. If only the price of Gas would regress.........B Block
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