Lumpy Ridge-White Whale

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This spring I was lucky enough to take my cousin Adam out and do a
little climbing. He is a new climber this past year, so catching him in the
"development phase" is a sheer pleasure. Seeing as his passion for the
outdoors had him recently leave a solid "career" in the advertising field in
order to pursue it. That kind of passion surely has him slated to become a
solid committed climber in the coming years. Sorry Aunt Nancy. cousin Adam
is a relatively new Outward Bound instructor based out of Leadville who is
excited about anything and everything outdoor related

As is par for the course I usually like to take first time
multi-pitch trad climbers up routes that I can solo should something go
terribly awry. Fortunately Lumpy Ridge outside of Estes Park as a lot of
great "safe" routes that also afford new climbers the opportunity to get a
great all around experience. Great view, great hike in, great climbing,
what more could one ask for.

On this particular day we went around to the Book on "Lumpy" as it
is affectionately referred to, to climb White Whale. There seem to be a
great number of variations, but every single one of them is FUN! There is
usually lots of sun, great gear placement, picturesque views. ON this day
we got all of the above. The rock was superb as always. The weather was
perfect and I started off in some Marmot Dolomite Pants, the new Marmot
Cocona Baselayer, and an Original DriClime Windshirt. By the time I topped
out the first pitch it was off with the Windshirt and enjoy the cool dry
feel of the new Baselayer. (yeah, it dries up to 25% faster than any other
synthetic baselayer on the market-it really does-and has the carbon remnants
burned down coconut husks integrated into the polyester that has the same
surface area as a football field and a half YEAH I'm pretty excited about

We topped out after a fun "overhanging" crack pitch -(see Adam's
head wedged into the wall)-and then headed to Ed's Cantina for a fine
carbonated beverage.
The climb was fun for me as always and I think that Adam found some
fun in it as well, seeing as I sold him a BlueWater Rope no more than a week
later. I'd say that he is hooked. Glad that I could do my part!!
Keep on living the Dream!! B Block

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