Raising them right!

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Recently I was lucky enough to become an Uncle the second time over.
My first Nephew Dylan, who just turned two, and my newest Nephew Brody who
is only a couple of months have been a real pleasure to be around.
To my nephew Dylan I am known as AHHHHHH!!! Due to the fact that
when he was a younger lad he seemed to like to SCREAM for what he wanted. I
of course don't go for that kind of outlandish behavior. So I immediately
responded to his screaming with a scream right back-(only about ten times as
loud and probably a bit more frightening). It caught him so off guard that
he fell backwards and proceeded to cry. Compassionate me that I am, I of
course ignored his "backlash". Not getting some immediate attention must
have been a novel idea to him, and one that just would not stand, so he
pulled himself back to his feet, quit crying and moved directly into my line
of sight only to say AHHHHHH!!! From that point on I have affectionately
become known as AHHHHHH!!!

Seeing as he is getting to the point that he will likely start to
remember things about his experiences I figured that I had better pull one
over on him before he is wary enough of his Uncle AHHHHHH!!! to understand
that he had been "had".
So, little nephew Dylan here is to the first and likely not the last
time you will be "had" by your Uncle AHHHHH!!!
Bide your time little Brody you are next:)
Keep on living the Dream! B Block

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