Marmot on America's Toughest Jobs!!!

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Premiering tonight on NBC is America’s Toughest Jobs -- a seven-part series by reality television pioneer Tom Beers, the Executive Producer of Deadliest Catch, Axe Men and Ice Road Truckers. Beers describes “ATJ” as “the culmination of all three (aforementioned) shows, and more.” Last spring Jordan Campbell, Marmot's PR director, provided an extensive wardrobe for the host, cast and crew of the show, which is filmed in numerous outdoor settings. Jaan Childs, the show’s producer emailed last Friday to say, “Get ready for one hell of a Marmot commercial!”

Please take a peek at the website to get a feel for the show: Click on the contestants (cast) and quickly scroll through their headshots; you’ll see at least five of them are visibly wearing Marmot.

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